Frame for term paper in accordance with methodology

Frame for term paper in accordance with methodology

To get a good grade on a course project, it is very important to formalize your work in accordance with methodology. At this stage, writers from will familiarize ourselves with the design of the framework.

Rules for the design of the frame for the title page in accordance with methodology.

The professionals like will know that the title page is the first page of a term paper, so special attention should be paid to its correctness. So if you thinkg that you fail, contact them.

So, the indents of the frames according to methodology should look like this:

  • indent from the bottom edge - 2 centimeters,
  • indent from the top edge - 2 centimeters,
  • left - 2.5 centimeters,
  • on the right - 1.5 centimeters.

Frame design in the course work itself

For the coursework itself, there are also special conditions for the design of the framework. They can be done in the following two ways:

  • find on the Internet and download ready-made frames by inserting text there;
  • do it yourself in MC Word.

If you have chosen the first option, then on the Internet it is worth looking for frames for MC Word, it is much more convenient to insert and edit text in them. Also, what is worth paying attention to is the correctness of the frames themselves that you download, so that they exactly correspond to the requirements of methodology, described below.

If you have chosen the second option, then proceed according to the following instructions:

  1. Find the "Drawing" panel in the Word, open it and select the item - drawing. Next, draw a rectangle of any shape. Then select this rectangle and (by right-clicking) select the parameters you need:

    • 4A sheet height - 29.7 centimeters,
    • width - 21 centimeters.

    According to methodology, the left indent should be equal to - 2 centimeters, all other indents - 0.5 centimeters. In other words, the height of the frame should be 28.7 centimeters (we subtract the top and bottom margins from the height of the sheet), and the width should be 18.5 centimeters (we subtract the width of the side margins from the total width of the sheet).

  2. The next step is to associate the parameters of the frame with the parameters of the sheet. To do this, press the "Position" button, horizontally - 2 centimeters, and the parameters - by page size. According to the "Position of the picture" we set 0.5 centimeters and set it in relation to the page.

How to copy a frame to other sheets.

After you have managed to make a frame according to all the rules on one sheet, the same action must be repeated on other pages. In order not to draw up the frame every time anew according to the above method, you can copy it and repeat it as follows:

  • go to the "Insert" tab, there find the subgroup "Headers and Footers", then "Header", then "Change Header" (you will find yourself in the header and a tab related to the work of headers and footers will appear) ,
  • here insert a frame and exit the footer.

* If for some reason the frames are not repeated on the following pages (or are repeated, but incorrectly), then in the tab for working with headers and footers, click "Options", and there work with the checkboxes, rearranging them in different places. The main thing is that at the same time on the taskbar there should be a parameter: "Special header and footer for the first page" (here the first page means not the first page in the document, but the first page of the section) ...

If charts or tables do not fit in the frame.

Since the design of the term paper is the final stage, it often happens that some important tables or graphs by their size do not fit into the frame specified by methodology. In this case, there are two options:

  • remake the graph or table itself by setting smaller sizes;
  • transfer graphs or tables to the coursework application, where according to the rules. no special design is required.

That's all. Now after reading guide by your term paper is correctly framed for sheets of 4A format according to methodology.

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